Tencent and PubG Mobile Escape Chinese App Ban in India

Rahul BS

JUN 29, 2020

Tencent and PubG Mobile escape ban in India after India banned few Chinese apps like TikTok.

Chinese gaming company Tencent and PubG mobile the latest gaming sensation in India has escaped being banned in the country after the government issued a ban on roughly 58 Chinese mobile apps amidst tensions with The People's Republic of China. Tiktok and few other popular chinese apps were unfortunately banned in India. Indian gamers can rejoice that PubG mobile was not banned in India. Tencent is the developer of PubG mobile while the original PubG(PC) is by BlueHole a Korean Company.All profits of PubG mobile go to Tencent while Tencent has 11% stake in PubG Corporation so 11% of revenue from PubG (PC) go to Tencent.PubG mobile app fully developed by Tencent. Hence Tencent and PubG Mobile had to come under the ban wave but has escaped for now.

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