Analysis of 2020 LCK Summer Split Opening Intro

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

LCK 2020 Summer Season Opening Intro Analysis

The LCK 2020 Summer Season Opening Intro is one for the ages! A brilliantly animated video accompanied by a very ominous warrior like music sets it up to be a perfect battlefield after all the prominent players from each team is depicted with their signature champion’s weapon.

And as always, Faker sits on the throne and overlooks the chaotic battlefield where a beautiful slow motion still of players going at each other leads into an epic scene of Faker donning the helmet of The Emperor of Shurima himself which is a fitting metaphor for the God/King that Faker has established himself to be and the video culminates with him summoning his loyal Sand Soldiers into a Shurima Shuffle.

That was basically the video described, now let’s see what Easter eggs and refereces some fans and I picked up on.

First there’s all the champions associated with the players. As one Youtube user going by the name “SH K” commented the following:

T1 - Faker - Azir

GEN - Clid - Jarvan IV

DRX - Keria - Thresh

DWG - Nuguri - Jayce

KT - Aiming - Ezreal

AF - Kiin - Sett

HLE - Lehends - Shen

APK - Hybrid - Aphelios

SB - OnFleek - Olaf

DYN- Rich - Aatrox

All these champions are fitting of the players they are attributed to.

While I was able to pick up on some of them, I was too busy raging about the video to notice that the battleground was set on the backdrop of the ruins of the final battle between Ambition and Faker in the 2018 Music Video called Rise by Riot Games. That to me was amazing in hindsight when I finished watching the video for the 20th time.

Overall the video was widely accepted by everyone in the community and it was mostly met with rave reviews. We all hope to see more of it in the future and I’m positive Riot won't disappoint us.

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