The future of the gaming industry in India

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Indian gaming is the new dark horse in business. Recently, it was found that the number of internet users in the rural areas crossed that of urban. We all know that gaming, like music is a universal language. Indian gaming has proven to be exactly that as it is host to over 300 million Indian gamers according to Statistica, a statistics company. Given the diversity in demographic especially in India, it is safe to say that it has bridged people irrespective of caste,culture or language barriers. Millions play Pubg Mobile and follow Indian Pubg Esports Teams with major European esports organisation Fnatic picking up Indian rosters for their Pubg Mobile venture. Esports and Indian Gaming will only grow from here and if it is not evident why it is a safe bet then you should refer to " The rise of esports in the face of coronavirus pandemic " which will show you a glimpse into the flexibility of online gaming and esports as an industry to adapt to gravest of the situations.

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